Workshop on Excelling at LinkedIn

Skill Development Council (SDC) Karachi in collaboration with YouExcel has designed this workshop to seize the potential of LinkedIn in an era where getting comfortable with online platforms has become a necessity. There are many tips and tricks to excel at LinkedIn which the workshop will cover through personalized training to create profile and power up your career opportunities.

Instructed by: admin

Course Description

Who Should Attend


This workshop is ideal for all the individuals who aspire to

  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Actively seek new job opportunities
  • Potentially switch the job
  • Seek new business opportunities

There are exciting opportunities awaiting….

Why You Should Attend


  • Learn why LinkedIn has become an essential platform for career opportunities
  • Gain a foundation on how to create and optimize LinkedIn Profile

Practical activities with hands on experience for personalized training

About Instructor


Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

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