Generation Z often abbreviated as ‘Gen Z’ is currently under the spotlight. Bloomberg, while carrying out research analysis of the United Nations World Population Prospects in 2019 by taking years 2000-2001 as the inter-generational cut-off point for Gen Z, forecasts that 32% of world population (2.48 billion out of 7.7 billion people) are Gen Z. This article will explore how can Gen Z be elevated to become leaders of tomorrow to drive progress towards the future of work.

As we transition towards knowledge based economy, the focus on highly skilled workforce will continue to be of significant value. Consider the Future of Jobs Report 2018 by World Economic Forum which mentions top 10 emerging job trends by 2022 poised to transform the global economy. Data Analysts, Machine Learning Specialists and New Technology Specialists will be the most demanding job roles, whilst the job roles with manual dexterity such as Data Entry Clerks and Accounting Clerks will continue to face a decline.

It is thus clear that the proportion of labor between human and machines is swiftly moving. By 2022, the time when Gen Z will have joined the work, it is expected that 42% of task hours will be performed by machines. For instance, ‘Amazon go’ has completely transformed the shopping experience with the help of artificial intelligence where customers do not have to wait for cashiers at the Point of Sale. The Gen Z will be experiencing a business environments as dynamic as ‘Amazon go’ or may be more advanced!

In an environment where what can be automated will most likely be automated, Gen Z needs to acquire the human skills that would include creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and most importantly being able to communicate the thoughts in a clear and concise manner. The leaders of tomorrow will thrive if their skills are in consonance with the workplace requirements.

While Gen Z is expected to bring an unparalleled level of technology skills to the workforce, most of them also express apprehensions about their interpersonal communication skills. One of the effective solution to acquire communication skills and elevate to become leaders of tomorrow is by joining Toastmasters International. It is a non-profit education organization which has maintained its legacy in succeeding generations right from ‘Silents’ (born between 1925 and 1946), ‘Baby Boomers’ (born between 1946 and 1964), ‘Generation X’ (born between 1965 and 1980), ‘Generation Ys’ or ‘Millennials’ (born between 1980 and 1995) and ‘Generation Zs’ or ‘Centennials’ (born after 1995).

The future of work is closer than anyone may expect. Whether you are ready for it depends on how much time you are investing in learning and development. Find a Toastmasters club near your place today and join to thrive in personal and professional development.

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  1. Emma Wilson

    I am writing a proposal and need more information.

  2. Cherry Walker

    I would say it is crucial to have professionals teaching who trust one another since the kids sometimes speak ill of teachers behind their backs.

  3. Cherry Walker

    Sounds good, I wish I could have attended. I am not in the Tidewater area, but I look forward to following your progress with the school.

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