YouExcel offers you CIT course with modern technologies and is endorsed by Government Trade Testing Board. The whole course is totally based on market based syllabus and you will meet criteria of working Level proficiency. This CIT course gears up the student in the field of Information Technology.

This program covers the complete Smart Office Automation, where MS Office shall be covered. Further, the basics of Cyber Security, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, basics of Programing Skills, and also the student will be able to create a Mobile App


    Learn how to smartly perform internet surfing for various purposes and use MS Office 2019

    Introduction to utilizing standard cyber security process tools and skills required to secure systems, end devices and network

    Be able to design artwork on standard graphic designing applications

    Applying the techniques for deploying and testing mobile applications, and for enhancing their performance and scalability

    Be able to make own Mobile App


    1.1 Computer Fundamentals

    1.2 MS Word 2019

    1.3 MS Excel 2019

    1.4 MS Power Point 2019

    1.5 MS Outlook 2019

    2.1 Corel Draw

    2.2 Freehand

    2.3 Adobe Photoshop

    2.4 Adobe Illustrator

    2.5 Inpage

    3.1 Cyber security Introduction

    3.2 Data packets

    3.3 Information security team

    3.4 Encryption and Decryption

    3.5 Protocols

    3.6 Firewalls and Network defenses

    3.7 Wire shark

    3.8 Foot printing and scanning

    3.9 Port scanning

    3.10 Vulnerability Assessment

    4.1 Basic programing knowledge

    4.2 Programing Languages and Algorithms

    4.3 Introduction to Mobile Programming

    4.4 Class Logistics, Overview of iOS

    4.5 Objective C Intro, Swift Intro

    4.6 Xcode and simulator Demo

    4.7 Feature set we’ll learn during the course

    4.8 Visual Basic

    4.9 Flutter

    4.10 Firebase

    4.11 Foundation

    4.12 Interface builder

    4.13 Basic type of Application navigation

    4.14 Tab-Based Application

    4.15 Master-Details Application

    4.16 Application Life Cycle


72 hours


Minimum SSC/O Level or above


  • Experienced professional trainers with practical field exposure
  • 100% job and business oriented training
  • Certificate of completion recognized from Trade Testing Board, Government of Pakistan
  • Claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for the training
  • Video recorded session with personalized Learning Management System (LMS) access login id
  • Lifetime access to exclusive YouExcel alumni via WhatsApp and Facebook groups
  • Fully equipped training center venue for on-campus trainings readily available with laptops, projectors and air-conditioning
  • Virtual training facility available
  • Guest speaker sessions for latest market insights from business leaders