Policy for Access Arrangements:

  • Access arrangements
    • Lift services are available with wheel chair access for special needs assistance

Appeals procedure:

Any member of the staff, trainer or trainee – may be an aspirant for training or job has a fair chance of appeal to the Chief Executive Officer if he/she feels aggrieved of any decision of the management. The CEO is accessible through email or any messaging service.

When an appeal is sent below information is required from the learner:
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Registration number
  • The name of the programme
  • A brief description of the reason for the appeal

Diversity policy:

  • Learners have the right to be treated fairly and equitably;
  • There is equal access to education for learners;
  • Learners are entitled to a study environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, vilification, bullying or other adverse and inappropriate behaviours;
  • Diversity is respected and appreciated as contributing to the richness of the teaching and learning environment; and
  • Learners have the right to raise complaints in good faith under YouExcel's complaints procedure without fear of retaliation or victimization