SQL integration with Power BI empowers you to harness the full potential of SQL's querying capabilities while taking advantage of Power BI's robust visualization and reporting features. Further practice and exploration will help you refine your SQL skills and create more sophisticated Power BI reports and dashboards.


    Apply Extract Transform Load (ETL) process using SQL with Power BI to retrieve, analyze, and visualize data from SQL Server databases

    Connect Power BI to SQL Server, write SQL queries in Power BI, and leverage SQL views, stored procedures, and parameterized queries

    Be familiar with optimizing query performance to ensure efficient data retrieval


    1.Understanding SQL and its Role in Data Analysis

  • Explanation of what SQL (Structured Query Language) is and its importance in querying databases.
  • Overview of SQL syntax for basic SELECT statements.
  • 2.Understanding SQL and its Role in Data Analysis

  • Setting up a connection between Power BI and a SQL Server database.
  • Importing data from SQL Server into Power BI.
  • 3.Exploring Power BI Interface and Data Model

  • Navigating the Power BI Desktop interface and understanding its components.
  • Building a simple data model with imported SQL data.

    1.Using SQL Queries in Power BI

  • Introducing DirectQuery and Import modes in Power BI.
  • Writing SQL queries directly in Power BI for DirectQuery mode.
  • 2.Basic SQL Querying in Power BI

  • Writing basic SQL queries in Power BI to retrieve data from the imported tables.
  • Filtering, sorting, and aggregating data using SQL.
  • 3.Advanced SQL Queries in Power BI

  • Demonstrating more complex SQL queries involving joins, subqueries, and group by.
  • Leveraging SQL's power to fetch specific data sets for analysis.

    1.Using SQL Views and Stored Procedures

  • Understanding SQL views and how they can simplify data access in Power BI.
  • Creating and utilizing SQL views and stored procedures in Power BI.
  • 2.Parameterized SQL Queries

  • Learning how to create parameterized SQL queries for dynamic data filtering.
  • Implementing parameters in Power BI reports to allow user interaction.
  • 3.Optimizing Query Performance

  • Discussing best practices for optimizing SQL queries in Power BI.
  • Identifying and resolving common performance issues.


Tahir Ali

Dashboard Reporting and Analysis with Power BI

Microsoft Certified Trainer Microsoft Office Master Certified (2016) MBA Finance

Tahir Ali is a highly motivated corporate trainer with experience in training small and large groups across diverse industries.

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Familiarity with Power BI


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  • IT Manager
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